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These two tasks reflect also two parties of entry of the child into society. The person has to be able to join in the existing social communications, to submit to the developed norms and rules, at the same time also the position of comparison of the existing standard systems and creation of own living position is very important. From here need of creation for children of conditions of obligatory comparison of various valuable systems and a choice follows from these living positions. The task consists in creation at school of such conditions at which the child could gain the social experience corresponding to a social situation.

Actions for implementation of the project: development of the Schools of Courage program; formation of the pedagogical collective providing implementation of various sections of the program; completing of educational groups.

Transfer (organization) of social experience of pupils and creation of necessary, optimum conditions for full self-realization, self-development of the specific personality, and her self-updating in the immediate environment; self-education in the direction, desirable for society; activization – all means which are available in society intellectual, emotional, moral, cultural, physical, etc. directions of development of the personality;

As an example of one of exits from the created situation in present pedagogics, it seems to us pertinent to provide the project which is promoting competent social development of children of school age, and also pulling together two most important children in socialization social institute – a family and school.

The measure of realization of these opportunities is connected in many respects by how intensively and with whom the school student interacts. Numerous researches show that a certain part of pupils not to seek for interaction at school as in group, and others, without finding in it satisfactions for various reasons minimize it.

System, open approach of school to socialization of children assumes full inclusion in educational and educational process of all arsenal of means and opportunities which society for formation of the personality adequate to requirements of this society in the certain measure reflecting its development has.

In domestic pedagogical science in the present various models of school, including as open system are actively developed. In this regard the great interest for us is represented by models and experience of activity of open schools of some foreign countries. One of such models is the Holistichesky school (Germany).

Socialization of the identity of the school student – process extremely significant and difficult, result of real interaction of school and Wednesday. In the course of socialization the child gains the qualities necessary for him for activity in society, seizes social activity, social communication and behavior, social formation of the individual is carried out.

Socialization of the person goes in the course of his interaction with diverse and numerous factors, groups, the organizations among which the special place is taken by school. Scientists-teachers the school is among socialization microfactors, to one of significant institutes of education. The school, as we know, covers three age stages of socialization of the person: younger school age (6-10 years), teenage (11-14 years), early youth (15-17 years). At this time there is a formation development of the identity of the person that imposes heavy responsibility on school.

Design solutions of the tasks designated above can be the most various. Let's stop on the characteristic only of some design ideas which can be easily adapted for a concrete situation and are used in design activity.

Also cultural development of communication, so necessary in the course of socialization of children leaves much to be desired. The school practically does not help pupils with the solution of problems of communication. It is interesting that free communication with teachers of the realization – 64% - is identical with communication percent in school with contemporaries.