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Roasting. After rainfall long loafs are fried during. 60min at a temperature. 90 °C. For uniform frying long loafs hang on sticks with an interval between long loafs. 10sm. Upon termination of frying the cover becomes pink or red dry, temperature in the center of a long loaf should not be higher than 40C.

Design feature of the crushing mechanism of modern kutter is existence of the fast-rotating knife device with a set of crescent knives which can be with several cutting edges. As showed researches A.I. Peleeva, G. V. Bakongca, G. E. Limonova, etc., a form of knives and speed of their rotation significantly influence a kutterovaniye and quality indicators of forcemeat. The comparative tests of crescent and direct knives which are carried out by G. V. Bakunts under production conditions at a kutterovaniye of the beef meat of the highest, I and II grades which is previously crushed on a top through a lattice with openings diameter 3mm Defined advantages of direct knives. Growth rate of temperature of forcemeat of the premium decreased by 25%, 1 grades — on 15, the II grades — for 11% in comparison with growth rate of temperature at a kutterovaniye crescent knives. The expense of the electric power decreased on average by 17%.