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9 As the ski resort designed by us is created on the basis of the joint-stock tourist enterprise, it confirms prospects of development of this enterprise and, thus, can attract new shareholders and carry out issue of the new equity stake.

The bartender in a ski resort, it is best of all to employ as the young man or the young woman with a good physical form with experience. At interview it is necessary to demand the reference from medical institution on the general health of the person.

Within carrying out the Public Relations programs for creation of positive image of a ski resort carrying out the whole complex of actions of the healthy lifestyle directed on promotion, advance of alpine skiing tourism as lifestyle, different organization of tournaments and competitions, and also holding of conferences and seminars is planned.

Emergence of a ski resort will be inevitable to be followed by emergence of the independent service, trade and entertaining enterprises, construction of good roads which enter concept of tourism infrastructure and, therefore, will give too the mass of workplaces therefore the southern region will be able, at least partially to overcome, at last, a poverty line behind which now really there is more than a half of the population of Kyrgyzstan.

But before the firm will start collecting and classification of information it is necessary to formulate accurately the purposes and research problems. There is a certain constant set of the purposes of the researches expressed either quantitatively, or is qualitative. For the created center as quantitative reference points it is possible to recognize:

Construction of two pools in the territory of alpine skiing base, extension of the list of the equipment offered on hire, introduction of new programs for rest and entertainment, undoubtedly, will lead to increase in interest in the resort not only as to object of the alpine skiing industry, but also as to an interesting place for summer holiday.

We, most, are interested in data of reports of similar firms. We will leave methods of receiving this type of information to the discretion of specialists of marketing firm. Besides, potential sources of information can become:

the organization of the advertizing company for internal tourists means of TV radio of a broadcasting, in printing editions of republican and local scale, installation of billboards in the territory of the cities of Osh, Dzhalal Abad, Bishkek.

Further development of the SKYRIDE ski resort, occupation of a new market segment of services industry assumes the solution of the main problem of a ski resort overcoming of its seasonal nature.

Control over access to elevators, control of payment for this or that service (hire of stock, a lunch at restaurant, booking of number will be carried out by means of check Ski-Pass system and special electronic plastic cards on which information on the client will be written down.

The employee of hire does not bear for himself important functions. Its work consists in that on the shown, paid subscription, to accept or give out necessary equipment according to the vacationer's size. The person without vocational education, on an example the pensioner can carry out these actions.

Thus, the business plan is not only the internal document of firm, but also can be used for involvement of investors. Before risking some capital, investors have to be sure of care of study of the project and are informed on its efficiency. It is supposed that the business plan is well prepared and stated for perception of potential investors.

As the resort is created on the basis of the enterprise which is already operating, and positively proved in the market, we consider that procedure of advance of new services will be not such labor-consuming as, for example, if the resort was created by again created enterprise.