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Traditionally, for finding of the target groups subjected to advertizing influence the segmentation method — allocation of consumers with the similar social and demographic characteristics assuming identical requirements is used. At direct marketing — on the contrary, at first requirements are defined, and then groups of the corresponding consumers which are individualized and join in advertizing process in the identified feedback are formed.

Therefore in modern conditions at the organization of sale of goods, especially mass demand, advertizing cannot be successful if it is limited to only one information on goods. That advertizing of products and services affected consumers rather effectively, for it the background promoting perception is created i.e. previously sufficient prestigiousness of the advertizing offer is provided. Prestigiousness is formed by publicity at the institutional (country), corporate (firm) level and at the level of goods.

promises the consumer essential benefits at acquisition of goods for what its advantages are shown, the positive image is created, other prerequisites of preference and in heading of an advertizing appeal, and in its illustration, and in stylistics of supply of text and graphic materials are formed;