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- A conclusion of reports - parameters define where reports after viewing them on the screen will be output: in the text file and (or) or not to be brought to the press in general. For installation of a conclusion in the file at first it is necessary to set a file name. When forming the new file the old file with the same name is destroyed.

By a call of external programs from the Service of the Main Menu group the list of external programs is displayed. The list of external programs can be expanded and corrected, except the first four lines which cannot be deleted. For start of external programs on the hard drive of the computer not less than 600 Kb have to be free. The external program after pressing of the Enter key is started.

For creation and correction of a formula it is necessary to bring the cursor in the second line of the column "Coefficients" and to press the Enter key. In the lower part of the screen there will be a window from five lines in which it is possible to enter and edit the text of a formula. The window is considered as one big line so Enter do not need to press for transfer of part of a formula if it is not located in one line. Having ended input of a formula, we press Enter. Pressing of Esc will stop editing a formula, thus changes will not be made to a formula.

At correction of record it is necessary to install the light cursor in the corrected column (column) on the necessary record and to press the Enter key. Then change of contents of the necessary field is made. Completion of adjustment is carried out similar to the mode of input of new record.

- at preservation it is necessary to check date of the archival copy. If this date is correct, to press the Enter key if is not present - to correct date and to press the Enter key. At shortage of a place on one diskette it is offered to insert the second, etc.;

- in the falling menu to bring the light cursor to the necessary function by keys "Yo" and "¶" and to press the Enter key. Instead of a function choice keys "Yo" and "¶" it is possible to press a key with the letter allocated in other color.

For those accounts (sub-accounts on which the sub-account is set, it is necessary to enter the remains on each sub-account. After all remains are entered, it is necessary to see "The reverse and balance sheet" (point of the Reporting menu). If the remains are entered correctly, the rest for the end of the period on the account "00" has to be zero. Having convinced of correctness of the entered conductings, the Closing of the Worker command of the period of point of the menu of Operation is executed.

This mode is used for physical removal from a database of operations for the last periods. Thus the place taken by them on a disk is released. Removal of operations is carried out in an interval starting with the earliest. Before removal it is recommended to keep the archival copy on separate diskettes. A total for the last periods is not removed.

Book of accounts - a basis of conducting accounting. Before beginning work, it is necessary to see what system of accounts it is put in the program "1C: Accounts department". If necessary this system of accounts can be modified according to needs of the businessman.

The list is ordered on codes (numbers) of accounts and sub-accounts. Viewing, removal, adjustment and input of new record is conducted, as well as for all lists. Fast search of the account and sub-account is carried out at input of its number from the keyboard. Thus the entered number is output in the lower line of a window, and the cursor moves according to the column Code.

At input of accounting operations the repeating requisites, for example "Realization", "Charge", "The entering balance", etc. often meet. In the Function keys mode of value of such requisites it is possible to set function keys. That at input of value of requisites after the substituted line transition to the following field automatically was carried out, at the end of the line it is necessary to put a symbol ";". For the end of correction of all function keys the Pg Dn key is used. For use of the entered lines at input of the text it is necessary to press the corresponding function key.