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All sausages, except and syrovyaleny sausages are exposed to cooking. Sausages before cooking need to be selected for diameter. Otherwise thin long loafs will be digested, and thick are undercooked.

Temperature of the heating environment before loading in chambers for cooking has to be about 100 °C, during cooking her support at the level of 75 °C and by the end of cooking raise to 85 °C. At non-compliance with temperature condition there can be. For example, at a temperature, below admissible, the product will kulinarno not be ready, and at high — the owing to unevenness of volume expansion of forcemeat and a cover can burst.

Cooling. For decrease in losses of weight, prevention of damage and a of an appropriate trade dress after thermal treatment sausages cool on air or cold water. Apply two-phasic cold processing: in the beginning water, and then in chambers of air cooling. When cooling with water process duration as a result of increase of coefficient of a thermolysis is reduced. Thus optimum for development of the remained microflora the range of temperatures in the center of meat products. 35 °C, process proceed quicker. Losses of weight owing to evaporation decrease approximately by 8 times. At the same time when cooling from a surface of long loafs fatty smudges, of broth and other pollution wash off, rugosity of a cover is prevented.

At the enterprises of big power where need the organizations of the line mechanized thermal treatment, use cooking by sharp steam and in the steam-air environment. When cooking by sharp steam sausages hang on frames and load into chambers together with frames.

Sausages in a cellophane cover under a shower do not cool. For improvement of a trade dress of sausages and the water consumption on their cooling is recommended to nozzles with small dispersion. a technology of fast cooling of boiled sausages at first water, and then in tunnels in an air stream speed. 2m/with and with the temperature of -10 °C.

In view of an inefficient mass exchange in the course of drying the peresushivaniye of products caused by need to dry up sufficiently inside layers of a sausage long loaf that reduces an exit and quality of a ready-made product.

The formed sausages from a rotor coagulator get on the conveyor of transportation, completing and laying to the thermounit. Heat treatment of sausages make air at 1.110 °C Duration of a cycle of a of 30 minutes. Under these conditions of sausage leave with in a bar. 73 °C. After the end of cooking of sausage come to a zone of cooling with water (temperature goes down on. 12 °C), and then in a chamber of intensive drying of N of cooling with air, which temperature. 10os, speed a to 2 m/s. Sausages are cooled up to the temperature. 15 °C in the center of a bar. Ready sausages after an exit from a group on. 5 pieces also direct on packing under vacuum in a polymeric film.

Before loading temperature of the heating environment has to be close to 100 °C. During cooking she is supported at the level. 85 °C, raising by the end of cooking. Readiness is checked on temperature in the center of a long loaf which has to be not lower. 70 °C.

Processes of roasting, cooking and cooling can ­ in separate chambers or units. It is more preferable to or universal chambers of a periodic to whom carry consistently out processes of roasting, cookings and coolings, or thermounits of a continuous. The advantage of universal chambers consists in a to vary duration of thermal treatment, they can be used at development of the wide range of in case of limited output. Use of universal cameras promotes decrease in labor expenses, losses of mass of a product, improvement of its quality and increase of labor productivity.