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Production is the organization of all these elements in space and time. Production has to be carried out by the principle of maximizing results at minimization of expenses. It is necessary to allocate elements of process and to organize them.

There is also parallel method when on the small conveyor fulfill, and then and let out new production while release old goes at full speed. This method is applied at rather large enterprises (for example, VAZ plant).

In the orgmodul the main procedures are various and connected with specifics of a problem; the providing procedures are standard and are carried out for ensuring performance of each main procedure that significantly facilitates work of the manager on.

The main content of production consists in total the connected among themselves providing, service, auxiliary processes and the main process. In this set all production functions are realized.

function of coordination and control (control for financially - marketing activity of concern and its divisions, coordination and control according to target programs; coordination of marketing activity, accounting concern;

The Riabs column is considered as work of a matrix of adjacent coefficients on a column of the sums on lines (aij) (in case of influence calculation) and as work of a line of the sums on columns (aij) on a contiguity matrix at calculation of the line Riabs (at sensitivity calculation).

Profitable the enterprise would not be what, it will be obligatory the recession period. The manager can avoid it in some degree. Recurrence assumes behavior of the manager. It can smooth recessions, but not avoid them. Recurrence is function with growth tendency. Shumpster developed it from the point of view of innovative management.

Innovation (originally) - introduction in other culture. This word for the first time appeared at culturologists in the XIX century. In the XX century this term was transferred to economy (Shumpster). Shumpster developed concept about recurrence of business activity. Kondratyev entered initial concept of recurrence of economy.

At the developed enterprises documentation contains in special archives, is coded according to the specification, the address of these materials is carried out, changes of KTD are made. The department scientifically - technical documentation is engaged in it.

On the basis of a tree of the purposes the set of actions and procedures for achievement of the objectives is defined. The functional model is under construction and analyzed. Functions have to be carried out structurally. Are considered variable making (factors).

This structure to a certain level repeats functional, but some projects are processed at once, each of which has the general manager. The linear head operates division in general, and the design manager operates the project, as shown in drawing.

Technological preparation is carried out according to the existing standards. Traditional approach of work on the standard provides more than 120 works in technological preparation carried on the different periods of time.

On the basis of the analysis of a ready state of a production system is defined with the previous experience are planned development coefficient for each group, and then and the general coefficient (the it is closer to unit, the.

It is applied if the product is made at one enterprise. The weight is appropriated to each article of expenses (for example, materials - 40 - 60%, a salary of the main production workers - 15% etc.). Materials - the most powerful part of expenses. Represents the maximum interest. Therefore prime cost of materials focuses on determination of all prime cost.

The concept of novelty can be considered from the point of view of the consumer and from the point of view of the producer. For the producer the product can be new, and for the consumer - no, (N-r, technical novelty, and market can not be).

Innovative management - art of introduction of new idea to production process. The most important element of innovative management is the accurate organization of cycle SONT (creation and development of new equipment).