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The judgment cannot be put in favor of such person or against it. The court should not create also the solution of the basis for responsibility of the third party before the claimant or the respondent on which side it was.

In the same order the termination of the term estimated for months is defined. In procedural time also the days off, except cases when the end of term is the share of the day off are set off. Under such circumstances the termination of term is transferred to the next working day. So, for example, for the appeal of the decision decided on October 28 will be not on November 8 - the day off, and the working day following it - on November 9 last afternoon of desyatidvnevny term.

The third parties have the right to be on the side of the claimant or respondent. They can enter process on own initiative, to the petition of the parties, the prosecutor or at the initiative of court as stages of preparation of business for consideration, and during judicial proceedings. To participation in business it is necessary to specify in statements for attraction or an assumption of the third parties, on what bases it should be made.

In some cases the court itself informs on object of dispute of interested persons who can enter process as the third parties with independent requirements. Such person has the right to impose requirements to that party in favor of which the decision, even after the termination of proceeding is decided. However such delay carries sometimes out to that the material subject of dispute will be during this time destroyed, aloof, depreciated, etc.