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Treat service of marketing: department of market condition, demand and advertizing of production (marketing, sales department, department of maintenance of the produced equipment. The department of marketing is new division therefore we will stop on it in more detail. Department of market condition, demand and advertizing of production (marketing is urged to solve the following major problems:

At justification of orientation of marketing services it is necessary to consider requirements to their functioning. The created structures have to provide flexibility, adaptability and mobility of system; a straight line and feedback between marketing functional services of the general business management; relative simplicity of structure; compliance of structure of marketing service of degree of its efficiency and to sales volume of the enterprise, specifics of the range of the made production and services, number and volume of sales markets and their characteristics.

regulation and the direction of all activity of the enterprise, including the current operational management of production, transportation, packing, sale, advertizing, technical and service, on expansion and sales promotion of production.

Modern scientific and technical revolution, changes in equipment and the production technology, forms of the organization of sales of products and its maintenance are closely connected with formation and development of system of marketing. World experience showed that production has to be guided by the known market, i.e. by well studied requirements and demand of specific consumers with active use of marketing.

At such organization of marketing there is a specialization and there is an opportunity to coordinate efforts of certain employees in line with common goals and tasks of the enterprise. Commodity orientation most brightly shows the positive properties when requirements to advertizing, the organizations of sale and service, packing, etc. significantly differ for each goods. A lack of this orientation is that exists a lot of duplicating each other (in functional sense of divisions.

Regional orientation of organizational structure of marketing service on the structure is similar commodity, however here division not on goods, and on the markets is taken as a basis. This principle is the basis for marketing in case the enterprise acts on a large number of the markets, and the nomenclature of goods thus is not too great or rather same.

Commodity orientation of organizational structure of marketing service is that on each goods or group of similar goods special marketing managing director to which managing directors on formation of demand and sales promotion, on merchandising and sales, on service providing submit is appointed. Besides, the managing director on formation of demand and sales promotion submits to the general manager on formation of demand and stimulation, and for certain goods (groups of goods the managing director on research of the market supplying with information of the general manager on research of the market subordinated marketing - to the director is appointed. Through the general manager on researches of the market initial information arrives to marketing – to the managing director on goods (to groups of goods.

Segmentation, as we know, is understood as division of all buyers where they would not be, on certain groups (segments) which are characterized by a community of the main requirements to goods, and also uniform motivation of purchases. Thanks to division of the markets into segments opportunity to bring into accord market capacity (more precisely, the capacity of the sum of segments of all of the market and capacities of the enterprise opens. Forecasting becomes more reliable also.