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Character sketch for class 9 to write conclusion

During the dairy period of calfs feed taking into account features of development of digestive organs. In this regard, apply different levels and types of feeding for repair a telok, breeding bull-calves and the young growth which is grown up on meat.

Newborn calfs can be admitted under a cow wet nurse about 5-6 days of life. It is desirable that the age difference of calfs united in group did not exceed 10 days. Before the first substart-up of calfs, the cow is not milked within 10-12 hours, and previously washed and mass an udder; melt the first portions of milk and moisten with it a rag which wipe the head, a back and a sacrum of the admitted calfs. Experience of farms shows that one telyatnitsa can serve 14-16 cows wet nurses and 50-60 calfs who are at the same time grown up under them.

In herds of cattle of the dairy and dairy and meat direction apply two ways of feeding of calfs during the dairy period: a manual vypoyka and replaceable and group cultivation under cows wet nurses, and in farms of the meat direction - cultivation on a suction.

During the stall period of calfs, since 10-15-day age daily let out on walk, at first for 15-20 minutes, and further for 3-4 hours. It is necessary to watch that calfs did not lay down on snow or the crude earth. In summertime the young growth is contained in camps in which on 25-30 calfs certain spacious shelters do. It is possible to accustom to pastures of calfs since 15-20-day age.

Repair a telok and heifers it is expedient to contain groups of 40-50 heads without leash that promotes the best development of animals and formation in them the strong constitution. Groups complete with the animals having close indicators on age and live weight; the age difference should not be more than 5-2 months, and in weight - 25-30 kg.

At cultivation under a cow during the stall period of calfs feed up concentrates, a silo, a grass or hay, and also mineral substances. During the pasturable period of cows with calfs contain on a pasture.