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Introvertny rational types as well as ekstravertny, are based on functions of reasonable judgment, but this judgment is guided mainly on a subjective factor. Here the subjective factor acts as something more valuable, than objective.

The Ekstravertny thinking is not always concrete. It can be uniform provided that ideas are borrowed from out of, that is transmitted through education, education etc. From here the following criteria of ekstravertny thinking follow:

Irrational types are subject to the analysis, owing to their smaller ability to detection much more difficult. Their main activity is directed inside, but not in out of. Thereof their achievements have invaluable properties, and all their aspirations are chained to richness of subjective events.

According to Jung, formation of installation is not result of ontogenesis, and other child - another is result of individual predisposition since under uniform vernal conditions one child finds one type, and.

In other words, the person of the introvertny feeling type gives an image which does not reproduce outer side of object, and processes it according to its subjective experience and reproduces according to it.

Rather healthy mental substance. If mental substance is upset, development of the main function can be slowed down, and opposite function can come out the sphere unconscious and take the main place.

Sometimes a determinant of a subjective factor becomes so strong that it suppresses objective influences. In this case function of object is reduced to a role of the simple activator and the subject perceiving the same things does not stop on pure influence of object, and is engaged in subjective perception which is caused by objective irritation.

But in real life these types almost never meet in pure form, and there is an infinite number of the mixed forms. In all mixed types only adjacent functions, and mixture or two rational types interact, or two irrational is excluded, but they always enter with each other compensation relations.

Owing to the general ekstravertny installation the thinking is guided according to objective data. From here feature of thinking follows: orientation of thinking, on the one hand, on subjective, unconscious sources, on the other hand - and it more, it is supported with objective data which are delivered by sensual appertseption.

For example, the identity of the feeling type will note all details of any event, but will not pay attention to its context, and the identity of intuitive type will not pay special attention to requirements, but without effort will understand sense of the events and will track possible development of these events.

If orientation and according to objective data goes violently, it conducts to suppression of a set of subjective motives, opinions, desires owing to what they lose that energy which would have to be spent for their share. But conscious installation cannot deprive completely of them energy. Jung designated that rest which it cannot take away, as an initial instinct. This instinct is formed in the course of phylogenetic development and cannot be destroyed at the request of the certain individual. Instinct force, owing to deprivation of energy, becomes unconscious.

Jung offered rather extensive and impressive frame of reference on the nature of human mentality. Its works include deeply developed theory of structure and dynamics mental and conscious and unconscious, the detailed theory of mental types and that is even more important, the detailed description of the universal and mental images originating in deep layers of unconscious mentality.