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One more obstacle for self-updating mentioned by Maslou - the strong negative impact which had by requirements of safety. Children raised in a safe, friendly situation are more inclined to acquisition of healthy idea of growth process.

The rule is the cornerstone of this scheme that the dominating requirements located below have to be more or less satisfied before the person to realize existence and to be motivated with the requirements located above i.e. the satisfaction of the requirements located in the bottom of hierarchy does possible understanding of the requirements located above in hierarchies, and their participation in motivation. Across Maslou, it is the main principle which is the cornerstone of the organization of motivation of the person and the above people can rise in this hierarchy, the he will show big identity, human qualities and mental health.

the first, main scale measures that, in as degrees of people is directed on itself, but not directed on others in search of values and meaning of life. (characteristic: autonomy, independence, freedom - dependence, need for approval and acceptance)

Physiological requirements directly concern a biological survival of the person and have to be satisfied at some minimum level before any requirements of higher level become actual, i.e. the person who does not manage to satisfy these basic needs, long enough will not be interested in the requirements occupying the highest levels of hierarchy as it very quickly becomes so dominating that all other requirements disappear or recede into the background.

10 additional subscales are intended for measurement of important elements of self-updating: self-updating values, ekzistentsialnost, emotional reactivity, spontaneity, care of the interests, self-acceptance, aggression acceptance, ability to close relations.