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Fourthly, those who avoids in general all contacts. The first and second types of heads are good for operational management, the fourth - for strategic, the Third type of the head does not meet in general to requirements imposed to modern managing directors. / 3, 58 /

Management appeared together with people. There where at least two persons united in aspiration to achieve any common goal, there was a problem of coordination of their joint actions which decision someone from them had to assume. In these conditions he became the head, the managing director, and another - his subordinate, the performer.

People follow the leader first of all he is able to offer them (though not always really to give) means for satisfaction of their major requirements, to specify the necessary activity.

leaders are not so noticeable, but they are consecutive; undertake any most difficult affairs, seek to penetrate honestly into everything, than gain strong trust and respect for long time. They too are flexible and work taking into account circumstances, but live not for today, and are directed in the future. They are the true leaders having indisputable authority at the subordinates.

It is impossible to direct people without self-confidence. Confident people know that want. They never resort to roundabout ways. Their views of problems always accurate and clear, and they aspire to that all knew about these views and therefore state freely the point of view, achieving that they were heard and understood, but thus respect other people and their opinions.

It is not simple to live to leaders. On the way they meet many difficulties, main of which by universal recognition - the management of subordinates. Planning of activity of firm and on the third - dismissal of employees is on the second place. Among others, not got on , it is possible to note an order problem the time, delegation of powers, financial , decision-making and settling konfliktov./2, 159 /

They reflect the level of organizing culture of the manager, possession of it technology of administrative work: selection, arrangement and use of shots, development of norms, standards and regulations, personal plans and plans of activity of divisions, services, operating plans and plans schedules of carrying out actions, bringing tasks to performers, instructing, rasporyaditelstvo, control.

But it is most important for the manager to seize all on the fly, to coordinate again acquired knowledge with old, to possess ability and ability to study both at work, and out of it, increasing competence, but avoiding thus one-sided specialization. Study usually begins with the moment of taking office and never prekrashchayetsya./3, 124 /

The modern manager has to fight actively against own shortcomings, form at himself the positive relation to life and work, to create a environment by promotion and training of people, disclosure of their abilities and talents; thus it is not necessary to be afraid to lose prestige - in most cases employees pay for such attitude towards them, on the contrary, in recognition and gratitude.

First of all refer the honesty and decency assuming always observance of norms of universal morals, modesty and justice in relation to people around to personal qualities. The head has to try to understand the subordinates, to see in them the personality, worthy respect, to be able to understand their behavior, to be human and to care of people, to seek for cooperation, considering thus interests of all.

Sixthly, it - simply the person having high knowledge and abilities, culture level, honesty, determination of character and at the same time judiciousness capable to be in every respect a sample for okruzhayushchikh./1,5-6 /

The discipline and control over themselves has to be inherent in the manager. Without it he will not be able neither to call to order others, nor to control their activity. Therefore the manager has to control the emotions and moods, to study emotions of others to find approach to their behavior, and also to control discipline of subordinates.

Now there is some minimum of various characteristics for the modern manager. That it for characteristics and what has to be a portrait of the modern manager, and will go the speech in this report.