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In modern conditions on the international scene at much representatives of that country where the latest developments of science and equipment are better used achieve the increased competition between the leading sports powers of the greatest progress, as a rule.

The Swiss researchers studied influence of reception of a dianabol and placebo on the body weight, a shoulder circle in weakened and a tension, dynamometry and frequency of breath in the conditions of training on gymnastics. 32 gymnasts took part in experiment. In the group using the tendency towards increase in force of muscles was revealed, however these data statistically were not confirmed.

Steroid type, duration of its application, heredity of the athlete - all this influences risk degree. And the risk in life always is. To minimize side effects, doctors have to advise the athletes accepting steroids. Tactics of intimidation does not do credit to physicians and scientists. To abuse steroids it is inadmissible, but a ban we will achieve nothing. The best exit - open and honest conversation on real consequences of application of steroids

As seriously engaged athletes give big loading to the organism for the purpose of achievement of physical perfection, for them shortage of any nutrients in the program of food is extremely unacceptable. Food additives will serve as a guarantee of that you will have no such deficiency Modern food cannot guarantee you that you receive All necessary nutrients in the necessary quantities.

In 1 group the gain of force was very variable that did not allow to draw any conclusions. But in the 3rd group the reliable increase in force of the top and lower extremities though training was insignificant is recorded. At the same time any gain of force in the 4th group it was not observed.

The reality such is that modern food cannot guarantee that you receive all necessary nutrients, and the athletes and other athletes training regularly need still bigger amount of many nutrients to satisfy the requirement of an organism which increased as a result of sports activities. Thus, even if the usual diet would provide with necessary nutrients, it all the same would be insufficiently as those who plays sports much, need much bigger amount of various nutrients, sometimes much exceeding the recommended daily requirement (RDR). Fortification of food is a fine way to adjust your program of food on a certain sport.

Training with burdenings has to be intensive to cause a condition of a catabolism in an organism. In the presence of this state steroids show the greatest activity. The athlete can achieve such condition of an organism regular intense trainings. It is necessary to remember that trainings with burdenings are incentive for "absorption" of anabolic steroids cells of skeletal muscles. Without intensive stimulation steroids will not make due impact on your muscles. Trainings have to have the progressing character and focus you on work with the maximum burdenings.