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The Japanese foreign companies usually have low rate of return. At the enterprises of manufacturing industry it makes 0,9%. In the countries of Asia it is rather high — 4,8%, and in North America and Western Europe often has negative size. In other words, the enterprises controlled there by the Japanese capital are unprofitable. Usually it is branches and subsidiaries, rather new on time of their action, when at them the priority purpose is expansion of scales of activity, but not receiving profit.

Japan acts as the main trade partner of a number of the countries East and Southeast Asia. It provides to Indonesia 37% of its export and 24% of import, for Malaysia — 26% of its import and 16% of export, for Singapore — 21% of its import and 17% of export, for South Korea — 26% of its import. Japan is also main export and import market People's Republic of China (15-16%).

Japan is not a large object of application of the foreign capital. Though value of foreign direct capital investments increases, their inflow is insignificant, conceding to the corresponding Japanese export to 10 — 20 times. In the leading West European countries the similar ratio is in limits of 1 — 2,2 time.

As a result Japanese businessmen have bigger freedom, than businessmen of other western countries. In councils of the companies there are not enough representatives of the outside world here, meetings of shareholders have formal character.